Hire our reliable plumber in Concord to fix all your plumbing problems

Although there are a lot of problems people need plumbers for, but at G-Pro Plumbing, we have got you covered for everything. From fixing leakages and blockages to installing new sanitary fittings in bathrooms, we can do them all.

Our plumber in Concord is capable and fully equipped to handle all types of plumbing projects and emergencies. We are your one stop shop for all your plumbing needs. The following are a few common problems that usually arise in the plumbing system of any building and you can ask us for help with: 

Hot water maintenance and repair:

If you don’t get your hot water system maintained properly, it will breakdown. Therefore, hire us and we will send our plumbers for regular maintenance work. We can handle all three types of hot water heating systems, gas, electric and solar. Gas water heaters are a speciality of G-Pro Plumbing.

You must also know that an inefficiently running hot water system costs more in terms of energy bills. If you let us maintain your system, it will leave a significant positive impact on your energy bills.

Leaking and Burst pipes:

If a leaking pipe is left unattended, it can cause major damage to your property. At G-Pro Plumbing, we have the experience and tools to repair or replace piping to ensure that you have a sound plumbing system. 


If you need any bathroom fittings to be installed, then get in touch with G-Pro Plumbing. Our professional plumbers have experience in working with all types of fittings and they will be happy to put their expertise to good use.

Contact us:

For emergency assistance and more details, you can contact our plumber in Concord at TEL: 0430 31 31 31.