From a leaking tap to bathroom renovations, our plumber in Lane Cove can help you with everything

When there is something wrong with the plumbing of your residential or commercial premises, it can be inconvenient and financially draining.

As customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to G- Pro Plumbing we continually strive to improve our services. If there is a plumbing problem that you need to be taken care of, then our plumber in Lane Cove should be your ideal choice.

You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our plumbers are fully certified and qualified with a lot of experience. Our plumbers keep on improving their techniques by undergoing rigorous trainings so that we can provide our customer a service that is cost effective and time efficient. 

Our Services:

We believe that the smooth performance of your plumbing system is essential for your daily routine and therefore, we provide all the necessary services to ensure optimal performance of your system. Here are a few things we can help you out with:

  • If you want to renovate your old bathroom entirely or need to get new fittings installed in your bathroom, we utilize the space wisely and work hard to get you a functional and aesthetically appealing bathroom.
  • Our professionals are expert at cleaning and unblocking clogged drains using a high pressure jet blaster. We use hi-tech CCTV equipment to get to bottom of your sewage problems.
  • Equipped with the latest methods, tools and technologies, we can cope well with the maintenance and repair work of gas, electric and solar hot water systems. You can be sure of the availability of plentiful hot water at all times. 

Contact us:

We understand that plumbing problems can be very stressful so trust our plumber in Lane Cove to come to your aid right away. Just give us a call at TEL: 0430 31 31 31 and we will be on our way.